Putting Down the Phone

Something that I don’t want my children to envision as a memory of me is being on my phone always.  This can be harder than it sounds even for the electronic conscious parents, since nowadays we are able to do everything on our phone.

To keep myself from reaching for my phone throughout the day I made a little accessory list that is always accessible to me and allowing me to be more in the moment.  I’ve noticed that when I use my phone to check the time, take pictures, and write notes I also end up checking my Insatgram, reading articles or returning emails too quickly.

My Accessories are

  • Olympus PEN-F camera which I do not have enough good things to say about this camera but that is for another post
  • Notebook- I love either Moleskin or Notelettes for their simple design.  I write down everything in here from inspiration, recipes, blog thoughts!
  • My Planner- because I still need to write it down and am leery of using technology for this.
  • A nice pen
  • To do list- mainly for the grocery store or things I need to remember for the kids’ school, activities, etc

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