Summer Bucket List

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I always have a summer bucket list in the back of my head this time of year.  Little family adventures that go beyond the daily’s of the day camps I plug in throughout my children’s summer.  This year I composed a little list and can be activities for those days when we all start to go a little crazy around the house.

  • A family bike ride since my son has learned to ride a 2 wheeler he’s really been wanting us to take him on the bike trail.  I think about getting us all out on bikes every Saturday morning when I’m running and see so many families out there.  I think we’re finally reaching the age where this is something that can be done, just need to get Ivy a tot seat.
  • Day trips to San Francisco I don’t need much of an excuse to pack the kids up a drive down to the city.  It’s something I do often as I absolutely love it there and when we have the unbearable hot days it always feels so refreshing to be in SF’s micro climate.  That being said I would love to take the kids to the MOMA, I haven’t been in years.
  • Hosting a sleep-over for Ava just about every girl in her class has had a friend spend the night.  My excuse is that Ivy, our 2 year old does not sleep through the night, which was true until about 4 months ago.  Now Ava will be turning 9 and we’ve agreed to let her have a friend or 2 over for a slumber party.  I’m sure I’ll be exhausted for days after but mom duties;)
  • Waterslide Park there’s a waterslide park we pass when we go to the mall and the kids are always asking to go.  I figure one of these summer days where we have nothing going on I’ll take my big kids.
  • Summer reading now this is my favorite and Ava has deadlines this year to turn in each book report via the internet.  I’m also making a pact with myself to continue working with Stevie for Kindergarten prep.
  • Evening pic nic when it cools off enough I’d love to pack dinner and take the kids to the park so they can run around, who knows I may just bring pizza!
  • Try new seasonal recipes I’ve been slacking in the cooking department this spring so I’m hoping that with the summer schedule I’ll have more time in the afternoon to prep dinner and maybe get my kids to try more summer vegetables.
  • Have friends over for a pool party enough said!

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