An Hour with a Spiritual Guru

I have always had an interest in psychics.  Growing up the housekeeper was psychic.

 In 2010 two of my girlfriends went for a session and shared with me his information, as they knew my penchant for psychics.  Interesting enough, this was a medium.  Suddenly, last February, I decided to give him a call and got an appt this week, a very long wait to see him.

I walked into his living room, handed over my wedding band, which he used to connect with the spirits.  The medium knew nothing about me, I found what he said to be fascinating.  Feeling I was talking with my own spiritual guru, his words gave me guidance and reasons for why things happen.  He kept the session solely focused on myself, husband, & children in the present and into the future.

The words that stuck with me, repeated throughout the session;  “Start taking care of yourself first, You can’t afford not to.”  Health and self care were the center of the appointment and what he believed brought me there.

 Leaving my session I felt content, reassured and rather than looking back, I found myself truly excited for what’s to come.  A recording was emailed to me which I thought I wasn’t going to want to share with anyone but I couldn’t wait to get home and listen to it with my husband, wanting to share the experience.  I would highly recommend this medium, I went in without any specific questions but he actually gave me answers to loose ends I had in my mind.

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